Who We Are

The Ohio Petroleum Contractors Association (OPCA) is a statewide association representing Ohio’s fuel and fluid storage and equipment industry.

Our members are sellers and installers of equipment used in service stations; bulk plants; fuel; oil and gasoline delivery; and similar operations. Members are actively engaged in the regular installation, testing, removal and/or repair or service of fuel and fluid storage and/or handling equipment for their customers, either through their own personnel or through independent repairmen or installers whose work they warrant.

What We Offer 

OPCA develops programs and services you need to grow, strengthen and in today’s rapidly changing, dynamic industry landscape.  OPCA delivers the latest trends, regulatory issues and industry news that directly affects your business and your customers’ businesses. Staying on top of industry trends and issues distinguishes you as a trusted resource in the industry and gives you a leg up on the competition. OPCA also offers top-notch networking opportunities to connect you with leading industry experts and prospective customers.

Upcoming Events

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